Four 15″ SPACE subwoofers propel this vehicle to A.S.B.O receiving SPL readings of more than 130db! This vehicle is certainly not for the faint hearted!

The VIBE R&D team were given a simple brief encapsulate everything that VIBE stands for in a vehicle that can be used every day 3 weeks later this standard looking Astra VXR is a heavyweight street bass monster!

The main focal point of this install is the wall of four 15″ SPACE II subwoofers which sit in a custom enclosure where the rear seats used to be. To make it look a bit different the face of the wall was built like an inverted pyramid and the subwoofers were mounted with their cast aluminium baskets facing out the way.

Each of these SPACE Subwoofers can handle 1200 watts RMS of power (3600w RMS) and with each subwoofer having its own BlackBox Bass 5 monoblock amplifier supplying 1350w RMS they are certainly pushed to the limits. These Class GH amplifiers not only deliver serious amounts of power but they do so with clarity never before seen in a dedicated bass amplifier.

The massive enclosure has two slot ports either side which help the subwoofers really drop to hit the low notes. In fact it drops so well that if you stick on the VIBE Bass Test CD you can see the windscreen move almost a centimetre with each note!

To compliment the bass each front door is home to a SPACE 8 subwoofer and a BlackAir 6 component speaker. These two combine fantastically well to offer a nice mix of mid bass and full range audio which fits in with the entire sound perfectly. The custom pods were fabricated from a mixture of MDF and fibreglass by the VIBE R&D team and then finished in the trademark crackle paint.

The rear end is a work of art somehow the VIBE guys have managed to squeeze four BlackBox Bass 5 amplifiers and three Black Box Stereo 4 amps into the boot along with two power caps and four pairs of the brand new BlackAir co-axial/component speakers.

Even from the outside the wall of sound that this car produces is phenomenal, you can really feel it punch you in the chest. With the doors and boot open the midrange is awesome too it really is a joy to listen to.

Space 15″ Subwoofers x 4
BlackBox Bass 5 Amplifiers x 4
Blackbox Stereo 4 Amplifiers x 3
BlackAir 6″ Component Speakers x 5
Space 8 Subwoofers x 2
PC15 Power Cap x 2
Deltabox Line Driver x 1

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It's all in the details

A bespoke fibre glass and MDF install gives the boot a futuristic appearance

A Deltabox Line Driver installed to split the signal to the nine amplifiers fitted to the car.

The BlackBox amplifiers are mounted on plinths to ensure they all fit in the tight boot space.

Vibe products used in the build

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