The car the VIBE Space 3D speaker range was designed for… A high performance car like the Audi R8 deserved a high performance audio system to match and so the Space 3D component system was engineered to do the job perfectly; A unique 3 way system with stackable midrange and tweeter drivers that disperses the sound to create the world’s first in-car 3D soundstage.

SPACE 8 Midbass Drivers x 2
SPACE 12 Subwoofer
LiteBox STEREO 4 Amplifier
LiteBox BASS 1 Amplifier
Space 6 Component Speakers x 2
Space 3D Speakers

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It's all in the details

The sound stage on this vehicle is perfect due to the SPACE 3D mounted in the R8’s dash.

A glimpse behind the drivers seat shows the SPACE 12 subwoofer.

A close up of one of the pair of SPACE 8 midbass drivers for enhanced midbass.

Vibe products used in the build

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