A pure car audio installation, combining power with precision and control. The audio system installed in the TT is focused around using the correct speaker for the right frequency band, and using carefully calibrated amplifiers to drive them.

The system is built upon the solid foundation of a SPACE upgraded AC15 Twin Bandpass enclosure, with a complemented bass response courtesy of the four EXACT reference 8″ subwoofer drivers.

Combining new with old sees the use of the VP4 class D amplifier and new MonoBox IV class D amplifier for bass amplification. The TT was a full range configuration existing of SA, SR and ST speakers all powered by amplifiers from the BlackBox range.

The overall experience can only be described as truly accurate sonic performance with weight and feeling.

BlackBox II Amplifier x 3
BlackBox III Amplifier x 4
Monobox IV Amplifier x 1
Space 15″ Subwoofer x 2
Exact 8″ Subwoofer x 4
SA60 6.5″ Speakers x 4 pairs
SR60 6.5″ Speakers x 4 pairs
ST80 8″ Speakers x 4 pairs
AC15 Twin (Space Upgraded) x 1
PC10 Power Cap

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It's all in the details

A bespoke AC enclosure was loaded with twin SPACE 15″ subwoofers for this install

A PC10 power capacitor helps the bass stay solid when the batteries in the TT cant cope.

Audi TT

Vibe products used in the build

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