The infamous VIBE bass tunnel has undergone its latest transformation and has been reborn as the Bass Generator. Debuted in 2002 the VIBE bass tunnel took the industry by storm at shows around the world. VIBE Audio originally took over 1,000 man hours, used 3,500 ft of cabling, and spent over £500k to create the ultimate bass weapon.

Enter at your own risk….

Space 15″ Subwoofer x 40
DeepSpace Bass 1 Amplifiers x 20
BlackDeath QB69 Speakers x 14
Slick A4 Amplifiers x 8
DeltaBox Line Drivers x 3
Deltabox Bass Generator x 1
VIBE Instore dealer stands x 4

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It's all in the details

The tunnel is big enough to walk through and provides 150 dB of bass to anyone that is brave enough to get close enough.

Clever integration of VIBE dealer stands helps people who are too scared to enter the Bass Tunnel to view ALL of Vibe’s other car audio products.

Seven pairs of BlackDeath QB69 speakers welcome people who are about to enter the Bass Tunnel.

Vibe products used in the build

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