The legendary VIBE Dredd is one of the world’s most iconic car audio demo cars….

After the successful VIBE Lambo and VIBE Bass Tunnel install projects we were on the lookout for our next big audio demo car- and we knew we wanted something special, something which would make a statement. In early 2005 we found the Dredd (a film prop used in the 1995 Sylvester Stallone Judge Dredd film) abandoned in a dilapidated barn and the rest is history…

Using the Land Rover 101 as a base, approximately 30 Dredd units were made for the film. Most were non-working replicas, only three were complete, running units; Jaguar Land Rover have one still for events and it is rumoured that Sylvester Stallone brought one after filming for his personal collection!

The Dredd was brought back to VIBE HQ and our expert team got to work on the mammoth task of restoring the vehicle and packing it full of VIBE Audio equipment (including 24x Space 12 Subwoofers). Its original condition was terrible (chickens were actually living inside it on the farm!). Extensive bodywork was required including much work on the hydraulic doors and our signature VIBE Turbo Port was built into the back to fire bass out of the vehicle. 900ft of cabling was used and it took 2,500 man-hours to complete (with most of the VIBE workforce working 20hour days on the weeks leading up to the big unveiling to ensure it was finished in time).

The Dredd was finally unleashed on the world at Donny North 2005 by Adam Rayner, to a huge crowd who had never seen anything as crazy as the VIBE Dredd before.

Transporting it to and from shows was a nightmare; due to the size of the wheels it has a terrible turning circle and it was loaded with so much weight from all the VIBE kit that towing was difficult, but the reaction from the show crowds easily made it worth the effort of getting it there.

Over subsequent years we toured the UK (and beyond!) with the Dredd and it quickly became the iconic VIBE demo vehicle- big, loud, and a little bit mad! The Dredd is still the vehicle we get asked about the most and really put VIBE Audio on the map as Britain’s largest car audio manufacturer!

BlackAir 50 Speakers x 4
BlackAir 69 Speakers x 4
BlackAir 6 Speakers x 4
QB69 Speakers x 4
Space II 12″ Subwoofers x 24
BlackBox Stereo 4 x 12
BlackBox Bass 1 x 12

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It's all in the details

The biggest VIBE port ever fitted to any vehicle.” subwoofers.

A view through the port for a glimpse of the 24 Space 12″ subwoofers!

Hydraulic rams lift the side of the Dredd to reveal more speakers!

Vibe products used in the build

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