Ford Focus RS

The latest addition to the VIBE demo car fleet is the Ford Focus RS. Unveiled at the Mobile Electronics News Expo 2011. The Ford Focus RS features a walled enclosure of 6x BlackAir 12” subwoofers to give pavement shaking bass.

Custom door builds contain 3x pairs of LiteAir 6” component speakers, with custom carbon fiber tweeter pods seamlessly integrated with the look of the car. The luggage compartment houses a full fiberglass amp rack and 6×9 speaker pod install.

BlackAir Stereo 4 Amplifiers x 2
BlackAir Bass 1 Amplifiers x 4
BlackAir 12″ Subwoofers x 6
BlackAir 69 x 4
LiteAir 6 Speakers x 6
Deltabox Bass Generator

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It's all in the details

The boot features a bespoke fibre glass amp rack which also holds the two pairs of BlackAir 69’s for sound at the back of the car.

Six 12″ Blackair subwoofers fitted in a single wall of bass.

The six BlackAir amplifiers are installed in a custom fibre boot glass build.

Vibe products used in the build

BlackAir Subwoofers

BlackAir Speakers

BlackAir Amplifiers

Deltabox Bass Generator

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