A pure demonstration of what can be done with VIBE products when you want to take an installation to the absolute extreme. Simply seeing the kit list you will know that this vehicle is capable of some serious sound reproduction.

The heart of the installation is built around a dual pressure wedge enclosure configuration housing twelve 15″ SPACE subwoofers.

The VIBE ML is a successful attempt at reproducing the full audio spectrum at very high volume, not only does it have an absolutely mind blowing bass response but a midrange and top end that keeps up.

Take a closer look at the VIBE ML if you dare to go near it.

BlackBox II 2 Channel AB Amplifier x 12
Monobox IV Class D Amplifier x 12
PC10 Power Capacitor x 6
Space 15″ Subwoofer x 12
ST80 8″ Component/Coaxial Speakers x 2
ST60 6.5″ Component/Coaxial Speakers x 4
ST10 Tweeter x 6
BlackHex 5 Coaxial Speakers x 6
BlackHex 4 Coaxial Speakers x 2
QB 69 Speakers x 2

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It's all in the details

A massive ported enclosure takes up all the rear of the vehicle.

The rear of the enclosure is used to stack the 24 amplifiers.


Vibe products used in the build

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