Unveiled in May 2013 to celebrate VIBE Audio’s 20th anniversary, the VIBE BlackDeath Hearse is the culmination of all VIBE’s audio expertise.

This Daimler Hearse spend nearly two decades in service the service of a local Funeral Directors and now VIBE Audio re-animated new life into the vehicle with this ghoulish gothic install. Packed with the best extreme bass products from VIBE Audio’s flagship BlackDeath range, this is one vehicle not for the faint hearted!

With a devilish kit list containing multiple BlackDeath Bubonic 15” Subwoofers, a trio of BlackDeath Reaper Bass Amplifiers (kicking out 27,000 Watts RMS) and too many BlackDeath Pro Speakers to count, the VIBE BlackDeath Hearse is the real deal. With all budgets thrown out the window, VIBE have created something that had no right to exist; capable of brutal bass and sound pressure levels in excess of 155 dB (SPL), the Hearse is the perfect representation of the BlackDeath range…


Take a look at the wiring diagram HERE


BlackDeath Reaper Amplifiers x 3
BlackDeath Bubonics Subwoofers x 6
BlackAir Stereo 4 Amplifiers x 6
BlackDeath 12″ Pro Speakers x 4
BlackDeath 8″ Pro Speakers x 6
BlackDeath 4″ Pro Tweeter x 6
Deep Cycle Batteries x 13
DeltaBox Line Drivers x 2
Deltabox Bass Generator x 1

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It's all in the details

Six BlackDeath Bubonic Subwoofers are mounted in a large vented enclosure, tuned for crippling low bass with extreme sound pressure levels (SPL).

Custom door cards were created to allow the Hearse’s doors to accommodate the large magnet size of the BlackDeath Pro 12 Full range driver, ensuring the mids and highs can keep up with the brutal bass.

Hydraulic suspension means the back of the Hearse can cope with the with three Reaper amplifiers, 13x Deep Cycle batteries and a whole load of BlackDeath Pro Speakers.

Vibe products used in the build

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