The Blackdeath has a severe impact on any victims willing to sit in its 2 front seats! With 8 amps powering the 2 SPL level Blackdeath 18″ prototype subwoofers it certainly rattles your bones!

If you want ultimate SPL level bass then the BlackDeath subwoofers are definitely for you! Take a listen to the BlackDeath 206 in action at any of the shows and events its at and you will ‘ feel the difference!’

Blackbox Bass 5 Amplifiers x 8
Prototype 18″ Blackdeath Subwoofers x 2
Blackbox Stereo 4 Amplifiers x 2
SEK60-v3 Speakers x 3
Slick60-v3 Speakers x 1
Swat 5 Head Unit

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It's all in the details

The boot is taken up entirely with BlackBox amplfiers.

Door builds consist of three SEK60 component speakers.

Two prototype BlackDeath 18″ subwoofers in a ported wall enclosure get this car to the other side of 150 dB.

Vibe products used in the build

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