European competitions

Congratulations are due to Rick Van Esch, winner of EMMA Benelux ESPL E-Cat W-Unl, recording 151.5dB in the process! Rick has dominated the competition this year with his BLACKDEATH build. Special mentions also to Krzysztof Szafraniec & Danny Lemmen for placing 3rd and 4th place with Vibe amplifiers in the final! Looking forward to seeing the plans […]

The Nationals and EMMA Round Two show report part three the #TeamVIBE SQ cars.

The #TeamVIBE Porsche Cayman GT and the Audi A5 competed in their respective classes, Master Unlimited and Master OEM. Both vehicles are ongoing projects with both vehicles progressing their builds. Master Unlimited features some of the most experienced competitors with builds that have taken years to refine. Both installation and sound quality are heavily scrutinised […]

MINI VIBE Sound upgrade “Pump up the volume”

We were approached by Modern Mini Magazine to offer an audio upgrade for the BMW Mini. After an initial sound test the factory speakers seemed to lack bass, struggling to produce the lower frequencies. The weak link can often be the OEM head unit as although it tends to be well matched to the factory […]

Emma Round 1 at Car Audio Security

We unleashed the T5 in the UK for the first time yesterday competing in Round One of the EMMA Championship. Our van continued to excel being the loudest vehicle of the day and winning its class. We entered a few #TeamVibe cars into the competition, all of which are very early into their builds. We’re […]


We’ve just got back from Santa Pod Raceway after a sunny but very windy day at Springfest. Kris Ashton unveiled his latest build moving from his multi award winning Seat Leon to a VW Eos. There is plenty more to come from the build but in 3 weeks we think his made a great start, […]

DJ Hazel’s Dodge Nitro

Pawel Sadzinski owner of Bass Hull, has created another breath taking #TEAMVIBE demo car. Taking inspiration from his Mercedes ML he has designed and fabricated a full VIBE install for DJ Hazel’s Dodge Nitro. The back seats have been removed, making way for a huge bandpass enclosure housing four BlackDeath 15 SPL subwoofers. Flowing from […]