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The Vibe CVEN62C-V4 has been named best product in the EISA awards 2017-2018 in the In-Car Speaker System category.

The award panel had some kind words for our sound quality speaker:

“If the goal of a decent speaker system is to reproduce music with clarity and punch, then Vibe Audio ticks every box, providing a coherent and clear performance that comes into its own with vocals, pop and electronic music. The combination of high-quality materials and smart engineering starts with the 165mm woofer that includes a 90mm-diameter magnet, Conex spider and linear butyl rubber suspension. This driver blends beautifully with the high excursion tweeter whose response extends right down into the midrange. One further benefit is that a complex, power-sapping crossover is not required inside the CVEN62C-V4 which is supplied with a single Mundorf capacitor.”
The CVEN speakers were designed by the Vibe Research and Development team of UK and European engineers headed by company founder Carl Venables.
The design brief was to create both a two way and a three way component speaker that delivers a realistic reproduction of recorded sound.
Each component of the system is matched and balanced to produce a linear frequency response which enables the listener to appreciate music as the artist originally intended.



CVEN63C-V4 - 3 Way Passive Crossover

3 way passive crossover with selectable 90Hz high pass filter for the woofer and Mundorf reference capacitor for the tweeter

CVEN63C-V4 - Component Midrange

Designed specifically for high quality musical reproduction, with particular attention to the all important vocal region

CVEN63C-V4 - Removable Grille

Tweeter features a removable, large hexagon mesh grille secured by the magnetic force of the motor

CVEN62C-V4 - Wide Bandwidth Tweeter

22mm voice coil and wide surround deliver an extended bandwidth that would usually require multiple drivers

CVEN62C-V4 - Mundorf Capacitor

Perfectly matched midwoofer and wide bandwidth tweeter produce an almost linear response without the need for any equalisation in the crossover. A single Mundorf reference capacitor is used to provide a high pass filter for the tweeter without adding colouration to the sound.

CVEN62C-V4 - Linear Suspension

Linear suspension with specially designed Butyl rubber surround and Conex damper (spider) for long durability under extreme operating conditions


Slick 4 Coaxial Speakers


  • Speaker size: 6.5 Inch (165mm)
  • 120 watts RMS
  • 240 watts PEAK
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20KHz
Slick 4 Coaxial Speakers


  • Speaker size: 6.5 Inch (165mm)
  • 130 watts RMS
  • 290 watts PEAK
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-20KHz

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