2020 – New releases and Best Sellers

2020 has been a  strange old year, here at VIBE we are looking back at this year, our new releases and our biggest selling products of the year

A year for Plug and Play!

In 2020 we introduced a variety of new and interesting products but one of our most popular once again was the POWERBOX65.4M Plug and Play Micro amplifier.

Why has this been so popular?

With a plethora of vehicle specific looms available this amplifier set up is the easiest and fastest way to install an aftermarket amp which will deliver over 5 times the power of the stereo without any complex installation.

The amp uses a T harness which essentially is Plug and Play with the factory wiring loom, it borrows power, earth and takes signal from the stereo before amplifying the speakers on the output. Adding this amp will deliver louder cleaner sound with increased sound quality to either the exiting factory speakers or If upgraded to aftermarket speakers.

The POWERBOX65.4M-V7 also is the starting block for giving your system that full upgrade experience, this awesome little amp can be paired with any of our OPTISOUND Speaker kits including the massively popular VW T5 and T6 upgrades which in 2020 also added an 8 inch speaker upgrade. The Amp also features RCA low level outputs, RCA High level outputs and a remote output, this allows this amp to give our POWERBOX400.1M Micro amp or New Pulse and Slick Active enclosures signal and remote turn on so when paired with our revolutionary Rapid Fit kit the easiest fasted full system upgrades on the market!

Check out this product at our Amazon site below:


Active Enclosures

After a short hiatus traditional style active boxes are back In the VIBE range with the new PULSECBR12a and SLICKCBR12Ta.

The CBR style enclosure previously passive was one of the loudest single 12 inch enclosures we have ever made, with its massive 4 inch turbo port the output way outperformed its price point when paired with the market leading POWERBO400.1M Micro amplifier. SO how could we achieve this same amazing result with an active box? Well merge the two together was the only answer! Yes we developed the 400.1m micro amplifier into an active amplifier know now as the VIBE terminal amp, the same awesome amp but in terminal form. The amp still features high and low level input and can be fitted using our revolutionary RAPID FIT kit which is the fastest way to fit an active enclosure ever by utilising the fuse box power and quick clips for high level to RCA input, with a bass remote available separate.

Along side the PULSECBR12a we introduced the SLICKCBR12TA which has dual 4 inch turbo ports and is by far the loudest active box we have ever made. Featuring the Terminal amp at 1ohm this box is packing over 400 watts RMS which is 3-4 times more than any active enclosure on the market and it really tells. This box was an instant hit and sold out before stock even arrived in the UK!

Check out both products on the links below:

PULSECBR12A-V0: Pulse 12 inch Turbo Ported Active Bass Enclosure

SLICKCBR12TA-V0: Slick TWIN 12 Inch Hybrid Vented Active Bass Enclosure


Black Death Pro Audio

In 2020 we released our eagerly anticipated BPRO6, 8 and 10 inch Pro Midrange drivers, as one of our most popular and longest running products the R&D team and our speaker engineers had their work cut out to make something that would be accepted! After lots of hard work, testing and design the V9 models we created caused quite the buzz and we were super happy with the end results.

In terms of performance the idea was to create speakers which had a high level of efficiency so they would overall be louder, have a larger power handling, once again so they could be louder and finally wider, more balanced and more detailed sound reproduction, all this was achieved in the new models. This new advancement in performance has to be paired with a new design, the 2020 design is a nod to the original still keeping the aluminium gasket but inverting the design and giving it more industrial stealth look. The Alloy gasket seats flush into the basket making the installation a little easer than previous and the new 2020 model features a heavy duty hexagon mesh grill which gives protection to the speakers as well as adding to the industrial look.

Pro audio is the biggest growing sector of car audio! Keep your eyes peeled for Slick and Black Air Pro in 2021!!


With the crazy year that was 2020 we only managed to get to 1 show before the world closed! Ultimate Dubs! We hope that this year we may get some shows in the summer, in the mean time we will keep our social content going on Facebook and Instagram let us know what you would like to see from VIBE audio!!


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