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We are active in over 45 countries and growing year on year. Our brand and products are market leading and as a global partner, you can be assured of the highest standards of manufacturer support in the industry.

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Our brand heritage is our strength, we are proud to be British and have extensive knowledge and expertise in many countries. We can help with all aspects of marketing and distribution support. We can help your business grow and drive consumer demand.

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Our global partners are often the very best at what they do, we share ideas and knowledge to help each other and consumers get the very best out of their products. This gives us great competitor insight and market intelligence.

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VIBE is unique. We design, manufacture, distribute, retail, package, market and advertise our products all over the world. Our global knowledge and wide range of skills from our designers, engineers and sales support, are at your disposal. Each product is expertly created and stocked in our own warehouse; making trading simple and easy.

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Vibe in the UK

Interested in stocking and fitting Vibe products in the UK? We’re always looking to build our network of Vibe Audio Experts.

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