Acoustic management at its finest

Acoustic management by sound engineers!

With over 25 year in Car audio we used our experience to produce some of the best acoustic management products on the Market.

In order the maintain the best sound in the vehicle the addition of sound dampening and wave diffusing material will seriously improve the overall sound of the vehicle.

The Anti VIBE sound deadening material will stop unwanted resonance on the metal panels through the car while the waver diffuser will stop unwanted sound waves reverberating where they shouldbt be and help to enhance the performance of the speakers.

Also new to the range our Adjustable speaker baffle adds fantastic acoustical properties to your speaker installation

Key features

Form and Function

Designed with ease of installation at the forefront of our minds

British Engineering

All VIBE Products are designed and engineered right here in the UK

Customer Support

VIBE offer fantastic support on all products

Featured Products

Sounds best when using AntiVibe

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Expert fitting for perfect sound

Many of our approved retailer offer a high quality fitting and maintenance service to ensure you get the best sound from your system.

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