The Critical Link for your system

The Perfect accessory for perfect sound

The VIBE Critical Link series of accessories was created to allow the VIBE audio products to be installed with the quality and type of product we expect to be used. The range is highly diverse and includes everything from the simplest bullet connector to the worlds first Rapid Fit amplifier wiring kit for fast subwoofer installation.
All Critical Link accessories are tested with the products we design them for and are designed with ease of installation and great quality sound in mind at all times.


Key features

Easy Fitment

The latest range of Critical Link accessories feature everything that you need to make the fitment of your audio system as easy and seem-less as possible

Does it Fit?

Critical Link accessories have been designed to fit wether you have an OEM factory system or full aftermarket set up

Don’t ruin your interior

Many of the Critical Link accessories have been designed to integrate within a modern vehicle without any disruption to the cars interior

Featured Products

Sounds best using Critical Link

Here’s a playlist for you…

Expert fitting for perfect sound

Many of our approved retailer offer a high quality fitting and maintenance service to ensure you get the best sound from your system.

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