An awesome sound system to fit every car.

Same Car, Same Stereo, Incredible Sound

OPTISOUND allows VIBE Audio to be installed into almost any vehicle without the needs for complex installation.

OPTION 1 – Boost your sound with a simple plug and play speaker amplifier. Fits behind the dash and upgrades the factory system or aftermarket stereo.

OPTION 2 – The biggest improvement you can make to your sound. Add bass, put back the part that’s missing from your system with a range of fast fit amplifier and choice of high performance compact subwoofers

OPTION 3 – Upgrade your factory fitted speakers. VIBE Audio offers a full manufacturer specific kit supplied with accessories to make a huge improvement over the factory fitted products.

Simply select your vehicle and find out which system fits your needs.

Key features

Simple to fit

OPTISOUND  is designed to be our easiest audio system to install. Reducing fitting time and cost maximising the performance

Works with your car

OPTISOUND is designed to fit a wide number of vehicle makes and models. OPTISOUND vehicle specific kits include all the parts required to install in one simple box.

Don’t ruin your interior

OPTISOUND is often a hidden upgrade. Same car, same stereo, but now with incredible sound.

Pattern Bubbles

Find the perfect audio set up for your vehicle in 3 easy steps

Featured Products

Sounds best on Optisound

Here’s a playlist for you… VIBE OPTISOUND MIX by VIBE Audio

Expert fitting for perfect sound

Many of our approved retailer offer a high quality fitting and maintenance service to ensure you get the best sound from your system.

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