5 in 1 Case Technology

Sound Enhancing Ipad case technology

With Sound in mind VIBES British engineers and designer set about making a revolutionary product that would make the best from your tablet. The worst part is always the sound.

The Slick Grips were designed to use a clever passive system which enhances and increased sound by up to 4 times its normal volume, along with the obvious sound benefits we added functionality benefit such as ergonomic silicone grip, stand, desktop typing and high level of damage protection.

The Grip  has been designed for a number of the best and most well known tablets

Key features

Form and Function

All VIBE Grip Products are designed with form, function and sound as the most important factors

British Engineering

All VIBE Grip Products are designed and engineered right here in the UK

Customer Support

VIBE offer fantastic support on all products

Featured Products

Sounds best on VIBE Grip Cases

Here’s a playlist for you…

Expert fitting for perfect sound

Many of our approved retailer offer a high quality fitting and maintenance service to ensure you get the best sound from your system.

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