Own a VW Transporter?? We got you covered!!

Here at VIBE we created our OPTISOUND range to fulfil the demand for vehicle specific upgrades which fit in the easiest and fastest way possible with no void of warranty but also adding a massive improvement in sound quality and volume.

The VW Transporter market has exploded over the last 5-6 years become the must have Van for any camper enthusiast or van lover, with so much available for styling and modifications this has become a diverse and exciting market place.

As with any modern day car the down fall is pretty much always the sound system! We have spend the last couple of years developing some awesome products specific to this market and can proudly introduce our VW Transporter sound upgrades….

What can we offer?

So the first and fastest upgrade is a Plug and Play Amplifier upgrade, using our best selling POWERBOX65.4M and a VW specific harness you can simply and easily upgrade your sound with over 4 times the power and greatly enhanced sound quality, this can even be done on the OEM speakers to boost whats already there! with 4 x 65 watts RMS in comparison to around 13 watts per channel in the factory system you can only imagine the gains you will see. The POWERBOX65.4 is ultra compact with a really tiny footprint such that can be very easily hidden in the vehicle and nobody would ever know.


Th next step would be to further your sound quality upgrade and change the speakers in the car, we now offer 2 variants of kits for the T5, T5.1 and T6. The Upgrades which have been designed to be completely Plug and Play with non destructive installation come in both 6.5 and 8 inch models you can see links to the kits below. They offer a massive upgrade to the factory speaker due to many things such as efficiency, power, high quality materials and engineered sound tuning. The kits also come with everything you need for installation, all the correct plugs, connectors and adaptors to ensure ease of installation


Finally in order to make all these sound upgrades sound even better why not ensure your van is free from rattles and road noise? Our Anti vibe sound deadening is perfect to reduce those unwanted rattles, this adds mass the large flappy panels and gives a much nicer drive, pair this with the wave diffusing foam which helps with the sound when upgrading your speakers there will no better place to be that in your Van!


Keep your eyes peeled for Future VW Transporter upgrades!

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