• 900w Peak
  • 300w RMS
  • Impedance 4 ohms
  • 13.9″ x 21.6″ x 16.7″ (354 x 550 x 425mm)
  • 4th order bass reflex enclosure



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The VIBE PULSECBR12ACTIVE-V6 enclosure is the best bang for buck enclosure we have every built.


With a massive 4 inch Turbo port and power wedge enclosure and paired with a powerful dual voice coil subwoofer the enclosure design offers serious bass as well as been supplied with a seperate POWERBOX400.1M amplifier.

Keeping all the functions and even easier to install, it includes all the benefits you need including: Low and High level input, gain level control and option for a bass remote!

POWERBOX400.1 Amplifier

Small footprint, big impression! Vibe’s latest amplifier technology allows us to deliver high performance in an incredibly small footprint. Our mono & 4 channel Powerbox micro amps are small, yet mighty, with up to 400w for bass and 4 x 65w for speakers. They are easy to install because of the small size.

The 4 channel features a +12v remote output and daisy chain signal output making it an ideal system building block. This is because the 4 channel amp has the option to fit with an ISO T harness directly to the head unit, which supplies audio signal, power and earth meaning there is no need to connect a separate cable through to the vehicles battery, simply plug and play. For the bass amp, an ISOAWK kit (available separately) is available that can be purchased with the amp to make it compatible with an ISO T harness to plug into the existing stereo loom in the vehicle just like the 4 channel.



  • 900w Peak
  • 300w RMS
  • Impedance 4 ohm
  • 13.9″ x 21.6″ x 16.7″ (354 x 550 x 425mm)
  • 4th order bass reflex enclosure


  • 170w @ 4 ohm
  • 800w Peak
  • 1.5? x 6.2? x 3.2? (37mm x 157mm x 82mm)
  • Optional ISO connection kit
  • 250w RMS @ 2 ohm
  • 400w RMS @ 1 ohm
  • Frequency response: 10Hz – 500Hz
  • Crossover type: LP/subsonic
  • Crossover range: 30Hz – 150Hz Class D micro amplifier


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