Why should I upgrade my speakers?

Over time your factory fitted car audio system can build up dust and dirt, which will prevent it from functioning at peak performance. Upgrading your speakers will give you a noticeable increase in audio quality. Standard “premium” car speakers are built from cheap materials. A cloth surround and untreated paper cone won’t last or provide you with the sound reproduction you need to appreciate your music.


On the left, we show the “premium” speakers your vehicle will be equipped with when you order a premium factory audio system. Despite the name, these are far from premium, offering sub-par performance and quality. They are cheaply made and are susceptible to moisture, tearing and deterioration.

On the right, we show our standard aftermarket speakers. Built from high-quality materials, they not only sound amazing but will outlive any stock speakers for a fraction of the cost!

Upgrading your sound system is comparable to upgrading your suspension. Over time the movement of your car wears down the suspension. To improve the performance and comfort of your drive, you upgrade the stock suspension.

Within 3-5 years, your car speakers will suffer the same way. Constant flex of the cones wears them out, so upgrading your stock speakers will dramatically improve your listening pleasure and the performance of your sound system.

Here at VIBE, we have you covered. Our SLICK6C component speakers will directly replace your “premium” factory speakers. The woofer features a lightweight paper composite cone and foam surround, a single layer spider and a perfectly balanced voice coil.

It’s not just us who loves it. Car & HiFi Magazine called it a force to be reckoned with, as it provides unbeatable detail and spatiality.

If you are looking for something a little more bespoke, we offer a range of plug and play upgrades for BMW, Mercedes and the Volkswagen T5 / T6.

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