Why upgrade your audio?

A sound stage in your car

At VIBE Audio we believe that a good sound system should start from the back of the car and work forward to your dashboard.

Years and years of use

Over time your factory fitted car audio system can build up dust and dirt which can prevent it from functioning at peak performance. Upgrading your speakers will give you a noticeable increase in audio quality.

Three steps to better audio

Modern cars are equipped with sophisticated user-friendly controls and factory fitted options such as Bluetooth, parking sensors and DAB…so why change them? All you need is better equipment to upgrade your sound.

Add Bass

Good sound starts with adding the part that missing on most modern systems – bass. The rhythm and the life in all music. The simple OPTISOUND bass systems will give you all the depth and bass required to bring you system back to life.

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Amplify your speakers

The factory fitted products cannot compete with the power and dynamic sound from a VIBE Powerbox amplifier. What’s more the range includes a simple plug and play Micro amplifier to easily improve the sound without changing your stereo.

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Upgrade your speakers

Upgrade your speakers and start with the products fitted closest to your ear first! invest in the front speakers. Adding detail with high quality tweeters and sound deadening to enhance your sound further.

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Find the perfect audio set up for your vehicle in 3 easy steps

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