BMW IS BACK – New OPTISOUNDBMW4X giving even more compatibility

The start of July will see VIBE introduce the brand new OPTISOUNDBMW4X-v9 the latest version of the BMW Plug and Play speaker upgrade.

This means the the VIBE OPTISOUND BMW range will now cover 95% of all BMW models meaning we have something for you no matter model or year!

The New 4X model fits the newer extended range of BMWs listed below

1 SERIES –  F20. F21, F40

2 SERIES –  F22 , F23  ,F44  ,F45   F46  F87

3 SERIES – F30. F31, F34, F35, F80, G20, G21

4 SERIES – F32, F33, F36, F82, F83

5 SERIES – G3, G31

6 SERIES – F06, F12, F13, G32

I8 – L15

X1 – F48, F49

X2 – F39

X3 – F25, F26, G01

X4 – F26, G02

MINI – F54, F55, F56, F57

As you can see from above this is an extensive new list! we are extremely happy to be able to offer such an awesome fitment listing for out new range of speakers!

So how could we possibly better this? well make sure we have plug and play amps ready to go for all these cars of course. We have 3 brilliant plug and play amp options available which cover almost all NON AMPED BMWs to allow you to take full advantage of the OPTISOUND BMW speaker you have been looking forward to adding to your system.

The POWERBOX65,4M Micro amp is the start of the system with a BMW specific connector which allows you to seamlessly plug into the factory BMW loom and give your OPTISOUND speakers 5 times the power of the factory stereo. You can check out these amps on the links below. (Please note amps cannot be added to HIFI or Harmon Kardon systems which are already amped)



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