MECA Audio Competitions USA!

It is with great pleasure we announce that VIBE Audio are a 2020 Sponsor for the MECA Audio competitions in the USA, one of the most renown audio comp formats in the states offering SQL and SPL both of which all VIBE followers know we can really put up a fight.

Below are some words from MECAS own Steve Stern

” We started acknowledging and thanking our 2020 manufacturer members 6 weeks ago. This is our 30th and last manufacturer member to be listed, and its special because its our newest manufacturer member, as of today, we welcome VIBE British Audio to our club. This is a complete line-up of gear from the UK, and we will see a good bit of it in our SQL Lanes, and used for the “Loud Music” Duelling Demo type builds.

Aurigin, Inc. will be coordinating the warehousing and order fulfilment of VIBE British Audio products in the U.S

Having VIBE join mid season, especially with the COVID-19 issues, is a good sign for our club, contests and events. We appreciate the confidence and spirit of partnership VIBE has for MECA. ”

All you VIBE Fans in the USA keep your eyes peeled for some raucous builds heading your way in MECA competitions soon!

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