New Antivibe Combo Packs

Brand new for 2020 VIBE introduces the Antivibe Combination Pack.

This is brilliant package of sound enhancement material all designed and engineered to get the best possible outcome from your car audio upgrades. This package is a combination of our sound deadening and sound absorber, these two are paired together to give your speaker or subwoofer upgrade the best chance of sounding exactly how it was engineered to do so!

What is sound deadening? Bass rattle your panels? Horrible vibrations? Our Antivibe sound deadening is designed to get rid of this unwanted problem, The high density aluminium coated butyl adds mass to the large flat panels which often resonate and cause those unwanted noises, the added mass to the panel stops that happening. This pack contains more than enough material to cover 4 doors or trunk lid!

Why do i need sound absorber?

Sound absorber does exactly as the name suggests, in a car there are lots of unwanted noises, road noise and engine noise to name just 2. What sound absorber does is absorbs that sound to give a much quieter driving experience.How is sound absorber used to the benefit of car audio?

Using sound absorber being a speaker in a speaker application helps to reduce distorsion and improve the sound quality overall, it does this by absorbing unwanted back waves from the speaker which normally rebound from hard metal surfaces back into the speaker. This gives an overall massive improvement to the sound system in the car when sound absorber is added

Why do i need sound deadening?

One of the biggest causes of noise in a car is actually the vibration of panels, floors, doors, roof all these things add to the noisy environment of a car. To stop this the best way to do it is to add mass to a panel, and with AntiVibe this is what we do. The high density butyl adds mass to the panel with military grade aluminium top layer which adds rigidity to the layer. This added mass changes the resonant frequency of the panel meaning it vibrates at a much slower rate which removed the high pitched vibration you often hear within a car.

Adding this combination pack to your car will help to eliminate unwanted noise in your vehicle and also improve the sound quality of your audio upgrade.

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