The NEW Blackdeath Pro Mids – Coming Soon

2020 will see the much anticipated release of the NEW Blackdeath Pro midrange drivers. We have fully revamped the much loved mids with a new style and improved performance, Why? You may ask? Because we can!

The unique tooling for the new grill and gasket gives the traditional VIBE flare with the CNC aluminium with a much more sleek and stylish end result, the gasket fits snugly to the edge of the basket with no overhang making fitting easier than ever before. The open mesh grill was created to allow for less intrusion on the sound when being used in comparison to a tight mesh grill, we also paid attention to giving the product more industrial look.

In order to improve the performance we have taken the opportunity for a full overhaul, this speaker was designed from the ground up by our British and Italian engineers. The aim was to be louder, clearer and more detailed and delivered results are outstanding. We have increased the power handling of the speaker as well as most importantly increased its efficiency. This increased efficiency is a huge factor behind the increased volume generated by these drivers, at 97 and 98dB these are more efficient than any pro driver we have ever created.

These all new products will be released in the first quarter of 2020.

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